Our Story

The Soaphaus is homegrown skincare brand that was born out of our founders' passion for the industry, and their desire to create something different.

Our goal as an aware skincare brand was to spread awareness to not only our customers but also the general public that beauty standards are a construct and what we should be really striving for is healthy skin; not flawless skin. Any and every skin tone is seen as pretty in our community. We created a space for people to share their skin problems; independent of the stigma of their concerns. We want people to embrace their skin health in a safe way. We strive for our customers to progress; not to be perfect! 


       The Soaphaus was established on 2017. We had a walk in store back then at Chulia Street Penang.


Fast forward two years our brand grew tremendously and we switched to and fully online base business at KL.

             This is how our products looked in 2018-2020

In our 5 years of existence, we have received encouraging customer feedback and responses which has helped us grow tremendously. We work with industry experts and aestheticians to come up with our own TSH niche skincare. One can say that our product category would fall in a unique blend of artisanal designs and also scientifically researched formulations. 

The skincare industry is only going to grow forward from here as beauty technology is on its way to peak. This simply means that we would be spoilt for choices and that could be a good thing. 

                                      Our Products now 2022

We are dedicated to making sure our customers know that they can trust us with their skincare health concerns. Our products are all made in the most careful way for maximum efficacy without harsh or harmful ingredients. We would love customers to fall in love with the quality of our ingredients that we ship from multiple countries

We are committed to providing products and services that help our customers look and feel their very best. Our experienced staff of skin care take pride in being your trusted resource, delivering outstanding service and advice through every skincare experience.

Our customer service is always friendly and well trained, so you don’t have to deal with overwhelming decisions alone. Some of our customers have become part of our community after years of helping people enjoy the benefits of our product