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Herbal Glow Scrub

Herbal Glow Scrub

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A traditional native body scrub for all types of skin treatment and for speciality glow before events.Commonly used in Tropical South and Southeast Asia countries as a daily beauty ritual which has been carried on for generations.Made with tropical herbs and spices this ancient recipe body scrub is known for its anti-fungal properties, brightening and skin softening properties.

100% Natural , No preservatives or Fragrance added


-Brightens skin tone naturally with every use , can be used for face too

-Soften skin

-Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial

-Helps body odor

-Improves blood circulation 

-Naturally detoxifies

-Stimulate Cell Regeneration


Made with a mix of asian rices and spices such as cinnamon, ginger and cloves to help blood circulation and stimulates cell regeneration.

 For very dry skin add a dash of oil and water then start scrubbing like above.


Texture - Crushed Herb Powder


Javanese Ginger,Black Ginger,Black Glutinous Rice,Jasmine Rice,Pale Turmeric,Cloves,Henna Seeds,Alum,Sweet Flag,Cinnamon

How to use

1)Mix 3-4 teaspoon of scrub to yoghurt, water, oil(for very dry skin) or milk and mix well.

2)Scrub in circular and upwards position and add water

3)Use after your body wash as a last step before rinsing.

4)Follow up with Rich Rose Body Salt if needed.

5)Use any body moisturiser or lotion


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