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Kiyaura Herbal Infused Hang On Fragrance

Kiyaura Herbal Infused Hang On Fragrance

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This herbal fragrant hanging scent by Kiyaura is made from multiple asian herbs infused with a tropical fragrance which uplifts mood. Ideal for your car or any other space, it's perfect to freshen up your car and make it smell beautifully aromatic.

This aroma therapy scent will make you feel calm and refreshed every time you use it.


Herb & Oil base


Bidara, Vetiver extract, Vetiver root, Mango extract,Black Turmeric,Sweet Flag,Cinnamon,Black pepper,Alum,Lawsonia Inermis Seeda,Fragrance

How to use

Simple remove the stopper and place/tie product at preferred place such as car or any room

Turn the product every week to make fragrance pour to the wooden stopper. This will make sure your scent is refresh with every use


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