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Rich Rose Bath Salt [PRE ORDER 04.05.2023]

Rich Rose Bath Salt [PRE ORDER 04.05.2023]

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Slide into a rejuvenating at-home spa with our Rich Rose Bath Salt. These luxurious bath salts are made with four salt varieties which are infused with the refreshing scent of Rose,Peppermint and Blue Pea Flower to soften the skin, soothe aching muscles, and energise the mind, body and spirit


Our Rich Rose Bath Salt is best to;

-relive stress and uplift your mood

-relive tired muscles

-leaves skin glowy

-leaves natural aroma scent


You can add oil to make a salt paste for easy scrubbing.


Texture - Salt and Herbs


Floral mix - Himalayan Pink Salt,Sea Salt,Epsom Salt,Himalayan Black Sea Salt,Moroccan Rosebuds,Pnom Penh Rosebuds,Blue Pea Flower,Indian Jujube,Black Pepper,Rosemary,Neem Powder

How to use

For foot/body soak ; Put 6 teaspoon salt into pail with warm water and soak for 15 minutes

For body wash ; Put 7 teaspoon salt into pail and shower at the end after your body wash.Do not wash body after as there will be natural relaxing aroma

Can be used everyday and best before bedtime and in morning


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