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Rose Pink Clay Mask

Rose Pink Clay Mask

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You're guaranteed to see results when you start your mask routine with this formula! 🌸 Made with pink clay, popular in Australia for its brightening and soothing properties. It’ll leave skin soft, smooth and glowing after just one use.



One of the finest clay in the world with amazing benefits to the skin. Also known as the Most Famous Clay amongst all other clay powders !It helps brightens skin effectively(naturally) Pink clay also Draws out impurities&toxins.This clay is suitable for all skin types& very gentle. It can also refine pores & Balances skin. Pink clay also helps promotes skin cell renewal


Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive
Formulation: Clay Mask / Powder


Pink Clay Blend, Rose Water Essence

How to use

Please do not use a metal spoon or bowl. Place 1 tsp of clay to 3 tbsp of water. Use a spatula to blend the clay into a paste. Apply evenly on cleansed face . Do not allow clay to dehydrate .Wash off after 5-10 minutes then follow up with skincare routine.

Apply with yoghurt or milk for natural exfoliant properties


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